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Bird of the Devil

Published by ET4U, Denmark 2006.
ISBN 87-991279-0-8
Edition of 500 – each numbered.
40 pages, 18 full colour images, includes a CD of related bird song.

Publication supported by:
The Scottish Arts Council.
Fine Art Research, University of Dundee.
The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland.

Text by:
Michael Marra, Laura Hird, Graham Fagen, James Robertson, Neil Mulholland, Norman Shaw, Robert Crawford, Alison Smith, Lee O’Connor, The Lonely Piper, Sandy Guy, Bill Duncan, Derrick Guild, John Glenday, Rosalie Dow, Don Paterson, Tommy Crooks, Jenny Brownrigg.

Bird of the Devil published in connection with a one person installation of altered book illustrations and recording of reversed bird song at ET4U Art Centre, Denmark, 2nd April – 24th June, 2006.

Exhibition supported by:
The Danish Arts Council’s Committee for the Visual Arts.
The Committee for the International Visual Art.
Leader+, Ringkoebing.
District Council, Ringkoebing.
Municipality, Lemvig.
Cultural Council, Lemvig.
The members of the association ET4U.

Guilding the Summer Town

Derrick Guild, Edward Summerton.

Published by the Royal Scottish Academy 2006.
ISBN 0 905783 04 2 978 0 905783 04 8
Edition of 500, each numbered.
40 pages, 27 full colour images of paintings, prints and objects.

Text by:
Michael Windle and Hamid Van Koten, interview by Graeme Todd.

Publication supported by:
Fine Art Research University of Dundee.
RSA William Gillies Bequest.
The Garnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland.

Guilding the Summer Town published in connection with a two person installation of paintings and objects at The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.

The Rural

Exhibited as a one person installation of 3 screen prints and 10 paintings (gouache on book illustration) at Edinburgh Printmakers 2005.
Screen prints published by Edinburgh Printmakers, each in an edition of 20.

Doctor Skin

A public art event involving 16 artists.
Curated by Edward Summerton.

Published by Perth Libraries, 2005.
ISBN 0905 452 47X
Edition of 500, each numbered.
30 pages, 16 full colour images.

Images by:
Tracy Mackenna and Edwin Janssen, Michael Windle, Mark Wallace, Liz Adamson, Graham Fagen, Rosie Summerton, Calum Colvin, The Lonely Piper, Graeme Todd, Sandy Guy, Norman Shaw, Ellen Munro, Tommy Crooks, Derrick Guild, Edward Summerton, Stacy Mathew.

Publication includes the 16 artworks as 4 sheets of 32 temporary tattoos and a DVD of the public art event and commissioned video work.

Doctor Skin published in connection with a public art event in Perthshire and commissioned video screening at Perth Concert Hall.

Blind Sight

A jukebox installation of 50 visual artists (25 Scottish, 25 Finnish).
Sound works curated by Edward Summerton.

Published by Salty Press, 2004.
ISBN 0 9538413 7 5
Edition of 500, each numbered.
60 pages with 50 full colour images of all related artworks.
Publication includes 3 CDs of the 50 sound works.
Text by Dr Norman Shaw and Petri Kuljuntausta.

Blind Sight published in connection with the installation exhibited in Centrespace DCA, Titanik Artspace, Turku, Finland and the RSA Edinburgh.
Scottish artists:
Gerald Mair, Robert Dow, Don Paterson, Tracy Mackenna and Edwin Janssen, Beverley Hood, Dalziel and Scullion, Luke Fowler, Andy Wake, Mark Vernon, Derrick Guild, Farmhand, Moira Payne, El Search, Arthur Watson, Mike Windle, Dave Liddell, Neil McIntee, Mark Wallace, Duncan Marquiss, Torsten Lauschmann, Graeme Roger, The Weedjs, Norman Shaw, Kevin Henderson, Graham Fagen.

Edward Summerton is a lecturer and researcher at the School of Fine Art, University of Dundee, Scotland.

Home page image “Crown” – gouache on paper, 54cm x 62cm.

Edward Summerton books available on Amazon.
Edward Summerton is a painter who has two books which are refereed to as being for sale Amazon; Delayed by Storm and North of Normal. Delayed by Storm has its words written by Don Paterson, for who little is known. He doesn't seem to have a biography on It is strictly correct that these are the only books found on because Delayed by Storm isn't currently available. There is no mention of a book published in 1998 called Line Controller. There is a book called Bird of the Devil which was based on altering illustrations from Ladybird books. It is also inspired by characters in the horror film The Wicker Man. An exhibition of the same name took place in Denmark in 2006, which suggests a considerable fan base. This is also not currently found on Amazon, which seems rather a pity. Born in 1962, Edward Summerton is a member of the Royal Scottish Academy after graduating from Dundee's very own Jordanstone College of Art and Design. He is currently a lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Dundee. He has contributed to Lakeland Walker magazine. A work of his forms part of the Harry and Margery Boswell art collection at the University of St Andrews. It consists of a mother seal feeding a young seal and is entitled Black House to White House. Whether it is typical of his style it is hard to tell given to lack of other pictures available. Presumably like the Royal Academy joining the Scottish Academy involves submitting a piece of work every year and having to deal with constant rejection. If you have access to AmazonCA, that is Amazon in Canada, you may be able to purchase Guilding the Summer Town which includes also illustrations from Derrick Guild, Mike Windle and Graeme Todd. It was published by the Royal Scottish Academy which suggests that all the contributors are members of that institution. This should be out of the topic range for "Edward Summerton books available on" unfortunately there's not much to found on the topic really. As with any rare illustrators and painters (as well as authors) it is hard to pick up books at a cheap rate. It may be advisable to look at places other than Amazon, maybe approaching the original publishers of a book, should they still exist. Or perhaps contact Edward Summerton himself. Still it is always a fascinating process finding a rare book so their value as objects shouldn't be taken for granted. It may be a good idea to contact Edward Summerton if you wish to gain more details on his books and other effects as the details are quite sparse at the moment. It may be interesting to work out what North of Normal really means for example. Where does the title come from? Or what exactly are the illustrations in Line Controller, the title doesn't immediate suggest paintings of maybe animals for instance. So there are far more questions than answers here.