Future projects

My egg collection

A collaboration with Graham Fagen.
Autumn 2006.
42 sheets , each 15cm x 9.5cm, each sheet consisting of a life size gouache painting of a blown bird’s egg with accompanying text (hand written).

Edward Summerton – painting.
Graham Fagen – text.

Digital VD

Curated by Edward Summerton, Mike Windle, Moira Payne.
Crane Art Centre, Philadelphia, USA.
December 2006.

A sixty minute filmwork consisting of sixty one minute films by invited artists.
The film will run from a computer programme to randomly select each one minute film to fit exactly into the next with no time for screaming /slow clapping or gun waving. The one-hour film will never be shown twice in the same order, offering beautiful damage to the format of film.

Artist’s parents

Winter 2005/2006.

A documentary film focusing on artist’s parents and the unique relationship that artists bring to the family, highlighting the special art works that only parents have access to and possess in their collection. A complimentary exhibition of artworks from the parent’s collection will hopefully accompany the film!